Unpublished BIA decision on A-R-C-G- Asylum Claim for Unmarried Woman in Short-Term Relationship

We had a big win for an asylum client recently! The client, H-R-M-, is from Honduras. She was detained for a brief period in Dilley, Texas with her two children. She fled severe domestic violence at the hands of the father of one of her children. The Immigration Judge denied her case, finding that she did not qualify for asylum based on domestic violence, because she was not married to her abuser and her relationship with her abuser was one of short duration. We appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals, who agreed that their decision in Matter of A-R-C-G- covered this type of claim. The Board decided that marriage is not required in an A-R-C-G- claim, and that a short-term relationship could suffice based on the particular circumstances of the case. The client's order granting her asylum was signed last week. 

It is a nice feeling to be a small part of changing the lives of people seeking safety in the United States. We will continue to fight to #endfamilydetention!